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Puzzle Paladin

Join the quest to unravel complicated (but fun) puzzles involving encoded messages, riddles and clues. There will be 3 rounds of puzzles on various Covalent and Aave related topics.

Number of winners: 11 / round
- 150 aUSDC for the first person to complete a round
- 10 random participants who finish the puzzle within time limit will receive 50 aUSDC each

Round dates: March 2-6, March 9-13, March 15-19.


Round 1-Task 1 solution

Round 2-Task solution
Round 3 Details

Start time: Tuesday March 16 @ 3:00pm UTC
End time:   Friday March 19 @ 11:59pm UTC.


1. Revisit Ganesh & David's discussion last week on Building in DeFi found:here
David mentions that Stani Kulechov sent out a Tweet saying: "It is should be possible to swap loans using collateral of the Maker DAO vaults". David said he then went on to build a tool called what? This forms the first part of the secret room URL. If it is more than one word, separate using a hyphen (-)

2. Identify the transaction hash of the largest Borrow event on Aave Protocol V2. The transaction hash forms the second part of the URL. The following Token mapping spreadsheet might be helpful along with the details of Round 1 - Task 1 solution above.

Token mapping spreadsheet

3. With the tool name and transaction hash, find the secret room by constructing the URL using the following format:{tool-name}-{transaction_hash}

For example, if the tool name being referred to is the Ultimate Swapper, and the transaction hash of the largest Borrow event is `0x1234`, the secret room will be found at the URL:

Once you have found the secret room, complete the task described there.

You have until Friday March 19 @ 11:59pm UTC to complete this puzzle.

Good luck!



We're going on an adventure, and you're invited!

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